Universal Points Platform

Guide: Universal Points Platform from QLife is a unified management platform of membership rewards points for various merchants within and across regions and industries. It helps enterprises reduce the expenditure on customer relationship management to the greatest extent possible, provide an automated clearing and settlement process for financial payment between the participating merchants and third-party payment system, and achieve unification, standardization and generalization of reward points in various industries.

Clearing & Settlement Universal Points Platform is mainly used for capital account management of members and merchants, and responsible for financial payment clearing and settlement between the participating merchants and third-party payment system. By the operation of third-party universal points and third-party financial payment, it achieves an increase in the customer loyalty and produces a cluster effect in consumption, thus maximizing the profit of merchants and adding value to consumption in a real sense


Platform Advantages

Meet the communication needs between merchants and customers
Facilitate the integration with other businesses by the reward points payment system
Increase the customer loyalty due to the increased activity of customers with reward points
Attract high-quality customers and increase the conversion rate

Operation Advantages

Increase the activeness of universal points to achieve differentiation from other service providers
Increase the online purchases of customers to achieve the sustainable growth of payment business
Analyze the purchase behavior of customers to provide accurate data as a reference for value-added business of enterprises
Provide rich and high-quality services to increase the customer conversion rate and loyalty