Department Store

Industry Background
The department store industry has entered a customer-centered era, so the key to competitive advantages lies in customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, collection of transaction data is an important part of department store management. In response to this trend, QLife has developed a solution applicable to the department store industry, helping department stores collect all statistical data from real operation of merchants, develop high-end, loyal members, maintain the operation goal and increase brand influence
Tianhu HOPSCA Complex
Tianhu HOPSCA Complex is located in the northern core area of Chengdu, with a total planning area of 1000 mu and a total construction area of 300 square meters. Its innovative business pattern provides comprehensive guarantees for operation scale and profits of merchants. This modern HOPSCA complex of superior scale, configuration and quality has included various business forms and provided a brand new HOPSCA operation platform for various merchants such as shoes, clothes, leather, luggage, catering, entertainment, medicine and health care. It is a key point for operation management to develop a member system, attract and maintain consumption groups, and collect all transaction data intelligently. For such a large commercial complex, there is also a need for integration of different payment methods to meet different requirements of different customers in transaction. Aimed at this, QLife provides Tianhu HOPSCA Complex with membership solutions, payment solutions and other technology services
Support membership management, including discount and stored-value membership
Support non-contact IC card, magnetic stripe card and ID card for membership card
Support adding and purchasing goods with scanning gun
Support various payment methods (cash, stored-value cards and payment by reward points)
Support printing of receipt after purchase
Support multi types of merchandise
Support powerful stock management
Mall Membership Card System
Easy Access to Third Party Resources Based on this Membership System
Integration Plan of Payment Methods
Core Concept: Behind each payment method, there are a great number of customers. Integration of more payment methods brings more customers and members for Tianhu Group, and supports diversified payment methods, enabling customers to make payment easier and faster. Innovative payment integration and good experience feeling gain Tianhu Group brand recognition from customers