Industry Background
Tourism is a comprehensive industry that provides journey services for customers. As the scale of tourism industry becomes larger, the demand has also got upgraded. The traditional mode of business operation can no longer meet the development demands of tourism. How to extend the sales channels, increase the service quality, improve the efficiency of capital management and meet the demands of electronic payment with the use of Internet have become important issues in the tourism industry
Cooperation Program with Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province
The cooperation program with Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province is committed to creating a smart and efficient tourism service management platform, which is able to perform information interaction between the abundant tourism resources and the large tourist group in various cities, counties or districts, and to achieve balanced development of regional tourism with the perfect data management system. Therefore, it can achieve vivid recognition of destinations, interactive experiences, and convenient purchase of tickets and other related tourism products for tourists; in-depth web-based promotion and electronic sales for scenic spots; scientific and data-driven management of clearing & settlement for travel agencies; a full set of integrated system of information management for Tourism Administration
Values of Smart Tourism System
For Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province
Provide tourists with privileges of merchants at scenic spots, thus improving service, boosting the consumption inside and surrounding scenic spots, achieving convenient information management and obtaining commissions for per transaction
For Tourism Consumers
Obtain privileges from merchants on the membership platform of scenic spots (discounts, membership, reward points and cash back) to enjoy favorable price, discounts and save money; help get to know scenic spots by the smart, convenient, powerful system
For Tourism Merchants
Attract more customers by providing membership discounts and reward points on the membership platform of scenic spots
Significance of Smart Tourism
With the combination of science and technology, scenic spots create Smart Tourism Platform to satisfy various demands of tourists and achieve its effective internal management. This converged service of cross- and multi-platform not only assists the Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province to improve the working efficiency and optimize service modes & structures, but also achieves service upgrade for smart tourism in Guangdong Province. It is a new form to leapfrog the innovation and order of tourism industry in Guangdong Province and a new ecosystem for Guangdong Tourism based on the application and development of smart technologies
Features of Smart Tourism System Solution
Automatically generate the selected roadmap, with real-time positioning function
Site Guide
Automatically listen to and watch explanation of attractions along the route
Tour Guide
View related information about surrounding attractions and public facilities
Shopping Guide
Book restaurants and hotels; buy tickets; track, browse and purchase original scenic products
Smart Service
Automatic multimedia explanations by tour guides, providing tourists with consulting, emergency call and booking services
Smart Management
Tourist positioning, information inquiry, data statistics, etc
Smart Marketing
Tourism product marketing and equipment renting
Smart Payment
Innovative and comprehensive payment services at scenic spots for easy travel without wallets
Framework of Smart Tourism Solution
Set up a data center based on three infrastructure networks to create a framework of Smart Tourism System, which can achieve upgrade and extension in the capacity and application of platform by the accumulation of data and knowledge information