T-Linx Remix Mini is the world’s first smallest smart host for merchants and can become a super store manager by running Smart Cloud Service Cashiering System and connecting to the display in 1 second, thus helping merchants easily solve various business operation problems
Marketing Coupons
Achieve coupon verification of Dianping, Meituan and Baidu Nuomi websites
Membership Marketing
Support physical and electronic membership cards to develop loyal customers
WeChat Marketing
Help enterprises build “WeChat Shopping Mall + Store” marketing mode
Chain Purchase-Sell-Stock
Meet chain enterprises’ requirements for systematic, efficient and intelligent sales management
Technical Specifications
Processor 1.2GHz quad-core
Storage 16GB
Size 2.6cm x 12.4cm x 8.8cm (H x L x W)
Ports 2 USB ports, HDMI port, Ethernet port
Connection WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet
Power Requirements
  • Line Voltage: AC 100-240V
  • Power Frequency:50Hz-60Hz, single phase
  • Maximum Continuous Power: 15W
  • Operating Temperature: 50-95℉(10-35℃)
  • Storage Temperature: -40-116℉(-40-47℃)
Purchase Process