E-Commerce Supply Chain


E-Commerce Supply Chain is a comprehensive management system that works around central enterprises to get the user, retailer, distributor, manufacturer and purchaser involved through planning, scheduling and controlling various parts on the supply chain. QLife creates a closely related functional network-chain mode with the most optimized SCM efficiency, thus achieving the purpose of sharing resources, advantages, and risks, as well as reducing the cost


Establish strategic partnership with the provider to support and help each other, and reduce deliberate underpricing or overpricing phenomena
Build a fast and efficient information system to achieve fast information exchange and increase the work efficiency of both the supplier and demander
Transparent trading helps save the purchase cost, reduce shady deals, form a favorable trading environment, and facilitate the industry development
The supplier quality evaluation helps improve the supply quality; and announcement of supplier quality on the platform enables purchasers to become more selective about deals
Support multiple warehouses to select more than one item for billing at a time Support inquiry of gross margin at any time Support secondary editing analysis of report
Support user-defined printing of business receipts Support independent choice of functions  Support integration of online accounting data