Community O2O Service

Community O2O Service Platform, Next Platform Based Market
Community O2O Service Platform from QLife is a new O2O solution for real estate and property management companies who aim to transform and develop smart community services in the Internet+ era. The platform provides a variety of community based services including nearby services, community marketing, community e-commerce, property services, community forums, and social networks. The new model integrates all these community activities and will bring considerably broad market prospects

Community O2O Service Platform integrates online and offline resources to create a closed transaction ecosystem enabling property management companies to have a core business management center, merchants to obtain cutting-edged marketing channels, and property owners to enjoy all basic services on the life supply chain


For Property Managers
Higher Security Levels
Real name authentication requires authorization from property managers for access to the community. Dynamic management enables property managers to modify authorization period, store and track access registration records in real time, and have a good grasp of group-renting dwelling and strange visitors at the community
Less labor cost
NFC mobile control saves keys, cards and labor, widely compatible with access control devices, dispensing with renewal cost, durable and easy for maintenance, as a mark of the IOT era
More effective Management
Automated patrolling and real-time communication enable property managers to have strong control capacity, serving all residents by one click
Better Value-added Services
The unified platform is more effective and innovative in spreading value-added services, developing business space, enhancing residents’ satisfaction, improving property brand and promoting long-term development
For Property Owners
Truer Sense of Security
Real name authentication guarantees safe access to communities. Download the APP via mobile phones to get hold of community information and change the password at any time
More User-friendly Access Services
The advanced technologies used in daily life can save keys or cards in the future, just with mobile phone induction to gain free access to the community
More Interaction with Neighbors
It is more reliable to live in the same community and require identity authentication. In Community Sharing column, dating proposals can be made for group purchases
Smarter Life Services
Life services are available in all varieties and ready at all time, such as various fees payment
For Service Providers
Easier Access to Communities
It is a trend to integrate surrounding business resources and offer door-to-door services in the IOT era, so merchants will improve the service quality with free access to communities
More Precisely Targeted Customers
Concentrated marketing gains merchants more precisely targeted customers, with less advertising expenditures to achieve more sales profits
Better Communication with Users
The same platform with users enables service providers to have in-time communication with users, good grasp of their demands and preparations for stock
Smarter Services
Users make purchases upon needs; merchants make delivery upon payment. No transferring in logistics provides one-to-one delivery service
Nearby Services
Integrate nearby life services around the community, including restaurants, hairdressing shops and entertainment places
Community Marketing
Blend community announcements with commercial advertisements. Merchants provide electronic screens for property management companies free of charge and pay them for advertising fee
Community E-commerce
Offer products or services to community residents in the B2C mode which integrates the services and resources of property management, logistics and e-commerce companies, including self purchase sale, nearby retailing and procurement service
Promotional Offers
Issue electronic coupons or membership cards for a certain community, enabling merchants to increase sales and promote sales, while property owners to enjoy discounts and improve the life quality