Industry Background
In traditional community management, only when it comes to maintenance service, fees payment, complaints and security management can the interaction between property management companies and property owners take place, due to limited communication means. Residents experience a cold feeling of their relationship with property management staff. However, modern urban people pay more attention to family and community harmony after work and propose increasingly stronger demands for virtual services and consumption channels provided by the neighboring real community they live. Therefore, mobile and smart community service is an inevitable trend for building new and harmonious community in the future
Zhong Kai Lan Yu Residential Quarter
Zhong Kai Lan Yu Residential Quarter is located at Nanchang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone in Jiangxi Province, with a total area of 126 mu and a total construction area of 150,000 square meters. The project is dedicated to creating scientific buildings, scientific life and perfect network monitoring security system with the use of scientific building materials for the increase in quality and theme of energy-saving technology. Smart Community Solution provided by QLife for Zhong Kai Lan Yu Residential Quarter takes full advantages of Internet and IoT (Internet of Things) to create smart buildings, accommodating smart household furnishing, smart hotels, household care and convenient fee payment to build a smart environment for community development and increase the quality of community life
Values of Smart Community Platform
For Community Property Management Companies
Smart Community Platform has replaced part of labor service and greatly increased the service efficiency and quality, which not only reduces the labor cost but also helps to promote the value-added services. Therefore, it will generate word-of-mouth, strengthen the brand construction and promote the long-term development for property management companies
For Community Property Owners
As technology enters into everyday life and offers more considerate services, all life-related fee payment becomes convenient and all daily necessities become available at all times. Also, community property owners can have access to various kinds of value-added services and mastery of community news at once
For Community Adjacent Merchants
The consumer group becomes more targeted, without worrying about diversion of customer or sales of goods/services. The new short-term logistics solution does not need transfer and goes to the customer directly, thus offering wider profit margins. Also, it needs the slightest effort to achieve perfect promotion, marketing and operation via Smart Community Platform
Features of Zhong Kai Lan Yu Solution
Property Management
Solve the problem of community security. Strengthen supervision on work of security personnel to ensure the security system of community. Establish an improved community management system to announce community events and enhance communication between property management companies and property owners
Life Services
Provide one-stop services for community life, including fee payment, maintenance service, community parking and ticket booking services, integrating convenience life services to solve the problem of community service and improve the life quality of property owners
Consumption Services
Solve the problem of consumption services at community by providing the last mile delivery solution, including housekeeping, parcel and takeaway services, to achieve impeccable community e-commerce service and create a comprehensive community with appropriate soft and hard power
Mobile Businesses
Provide mobile businesses for community, one button to apply for broadband and phone package services. QLife cooperates with China Mobile to achieve smart, convenient life and develop an integrated management platform for community life