Industry Background
The catering industry has been known as the gold industry in China. Presently a flourish time has come in the domestic catering industry, bringing huge market potentials and broad prospects. Catering enterprises have developed from single store operation towards chain store, large scale and group operation. Enterprises pursue efficient operation modes to increase their core competence, and thus adopt the information management mode. Based on Internet+ information technology, QLife bridges the gap between the online and offline in the catering industry to provide a set of industry solutions for improving the operation efficiency of catering enterprises
Jing Wei Zhai
Set up in 2003, Jing Wei Zhai has gradually developed to cover four major districts in Beijing, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Fengtai District and Xicheng District, and become a catering chain company with 15 direct stores, meeting consumers’ catering demands perfectly. It mainly serves dishes of Beijing flavor, supplemented by local special food and other popular cuisines. Its diversified operation mode aims to meet the demands of various customers. Rapid development of Jing Wei Zhai requires a scientific industry solution for its operation and management. QLife provides it with a set of applicable catering industry solution which accommodates online ordering and electronic coupons, as professional technical support for its O2O operation
Values / Advantages
Reduce the cost and improve the quality of catering service
Improve the control capacity of suppliers
Build a profile for tracking supplier quality
Integrate the supply chain
Enhance the core competence
Contribute to the innovation of new catering services
Ordering system
Customize the food ordering terminal, on which customers have access to self-help queuing, ordering, reminding and paying, thus saving the operation cost of catering industry
Membership System
Provide stored-value cards of powerful functions to enhance the satisfaction and prepaid consumption of customers, thus not only accelerating capital recovery but also increasing customer loyalty for catering enterprises
Reward Points
Gain a corresponding number of reward points on purchases based on the level of cards, type of goods and date of purchase, which in turn can be used to redeem future purchases or exchange gifts
Cashiering Function
Equip with cashiering function in the system, supporting various payment methods (cash, prepaid card, bank card, credit card, QR code, NFC, mobile payment, AliPay, and Baidu Wallet)
Marketing Function
Provide with powerful marketing functions with electronic coupons and membership cards, thus closing the chapter of traditional paper coupons and enabling restaurants to roll out targeted promotions for potential members instead of blind event marketing
Statistical Analysis
Support powerful statistical analysis function, thus enabling restaurants to filter through statistical data and form printed reports based on flexible conditions