Integrated Payment System


QLife simplifies payment processing for offline acquiring business with fully integrated payment cashier system that enables to accept a variety of payment modes. The all-in-one system supported by QLife POS terminals can be customized for each merchant to meet their various offline acquiring business demands and provide customers with more available consumption patterns, thus attracting more customers and increasing the turnover.


Offline Integrated Payment Cashier System from QLife applies to shopping malls, supermarkets, department stores, as well as catering, entertaining and hairdressing industries.

Integrating various acquiring methods with one cashier system and Point-of-Sale terminal can dispense with the facilities for every single payment method
Unifying data can relieve pressure on account checking and benefit merchants in statistics & management
Offering a tailored combination of multi-payment methods enables merchants to take their own operation situation and industry characteristics into consideration
Breaking geographical restrictions for nationwide use makes payment a lot easier, safer, and more reliable
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